100% vintage sunglasses and 100% vintage glasses NO Retro

Why are vintage glasses worldwiede such a highly regarded accessory!?
It is the uniqueness as well as the rarity that distinguishes these models and makes them so extraordinary. That alone is the attraction of owning such a model and to wear to present this beautiful vintage glasses or just to admire it in the dust-free glass showcase. Every vintage eyewear model is unique in itself from a bygone era and for this reason alone is something very special.

In our Retail store, especially for vintage glasses, and on our website, www.optiking.de, you will find the most extraordinary shapes and colors of various designer brands. Many of them were made with the highest precision and careful handwork, but all of them in excellent and top quality.

Why is that?
From the 1950s it was possible to produce glasses frame in best quality. This manufacturing process has been refined over the still years. In addition, only the best and most valuable materials were used. Until the end of the 1960s, most of the products were made by hand in the optician's shop by trained specialists and masters. All that under strict controls, a calm, skillful hand and a more careful eye were decisive for a flawless product.

In the time periode had the master optician still time and the opportunity to produce in the best quality. Even checkout frames had a very good reputation because of their hight lifespan. Today we are amazed at everything, but back then there was only the best and most valuable material and the highest quality mineral glasses. These are all facts that speak in favor of a long service life. For this reason, vintage glasses from various brands have been very popular for collectors and glasses lover worldwide for decades.

Once more reason enough to buy sustainably.